Our Service Plans

Our Service Plan

A) Daily Bookkeeping Plan:

This plan is designated for corporations which are remitting their Payroll monthly. A rendevous with our clients is required at the end of each month to have the books and bring records up to date.

B) Monthly Bookkeeping Plan:

For mid-sized corporations which need to have bookkeeping based on daily transactions, we send our collegues in the place to enter the data. This plan enables managers to have an updated balance sheet at the end of each day.

C) Quarterly Plan:

For businesses which are remitting their Payroll on a longer period basis, our quarterly plan is the economical alternative. In this case, we can see our clients at the end of each quarter rather than monthly meetings.

D) Annual Plan:

This plan is for small corporations that are not remitting their taxes on monthly or quarterly basis. It is also for sole propietorships and partnerships who file their taxes on annual basis.

Our transactions are similar to the above plans, but more economical.

E) Personal Tax (T1 General)

We are fully computerized with network systems. All of our returns file by Electronic Filing (E-File), thus, clients would have their returns during a period of twelve days. We help our clients to have access to CRA to find the most updated figures for their unused tuition credits, loss Carry forward and RRSP room.