About Deft Accounting

About Us

Deft Accounting Services is a fast growing firm where clients realize more accuracy causes lower taxes and a big difference on services and pricing.

We are a Toronto-based accounting firm where owners/managers of a small or mid-sized business have a reliable service.

We spend more time for our clients to represent a service which provides them a peace of mind.

Our goal is to use our experience for business owners to minimize their bookkeeping process.

We provide the best services and advices to our clients as we understand their needs.

In order to approach our targets, we provide business managers an initial consultation meeting to decipher what strategy would fit their plans.

Our professional team would be pleased to answer technical questions on the very first meeting.

Since we do not miss any updating seminars being held by Canada Revenue Agency or Ministry of Finance, we are always updated by the latest changes.

We do not provide piecework services as all accounting services are combined in a package which includes the following items:

  • Entering information to our relevant software
  • Calculation of HST,WSIB,EHT, and Payroll
  • Preparation of T4's and ROE
  • Preparing financial statements